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2015 Enlivened Living Exposition

Mile Hi church - event openingThe Enlivened Living Exposition is a special feature of the Elder-Corps Wisdom Conference. Housed in the beautiful domed Community Center which sits between the Main Sanctuary and the Vogt Auditorium on the Mile Hi Church Campus in Lakewood, this two day special exposition will feature a truly outstanding array of products and services designed to enhance and improve the quality of our lives. It will also feature talks by leading experts from a wide variety of fields, inspiring entertainment, wellness demonstrations, short inspiring videos and documentaries, wonderful food and healthy snacks and the opportunity to relax and meet and other conference participants in a joyful and inspiring atmosphere. And the Exposition will offer child care for parents and families who would like to take advantage of that support while they enjoy some of the other valuable and inspiring talks and programs in the Main Sanctuary and Vogt Auditoriums.

In short, all of the valuable offerings and programs and services presented during the October 9-10 conference as well as during the months of robust media advertising and promotions leading up to it, will ensure our sponsor and exhibitor partners cost-effective, memorable, highly targeted and powerful ways to connect with the fastest growing audience in the world.

Mile Hi Church Denver

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You can contact our Sales Team at info@thepanaceacommunity.com or by calling (877) 335-2683

Download the Enlivened Living Conference Sponsor Deck (PDF) HERE

We look forward to working closely with you to support assist you to achieve your marketing goals and to making the Enlivened Living Conference a true celebration of life.


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…and a lot more on the beautiful Mile Hi Campus in Denver Co